Grip Star NZ Partners with More Than A Game For Mental Health

A Guinness World Record attempt is getting some seriously grippy support from Grip Star Socks this November.

Grip Star Socks New Zealand is partnering with More Than A Game in their attempt to play a 45 hour long game of football aimed at raising funds for Mental Health Support.

The initiative is aiming to raise $75,000 for mental health support initiative throughout New Zealand.

As official grip socks supplier for the event, Grip Star NZ will be providing its high performance grip socks to all participants as they take on this incredible challenge.

Grip Star NZ will also donate $8 from every pair of Grip Star Socks sold during the world record attempt to More Than A Game.

The world record attempt kicks off at 1:00PM, Friday, November 18, at Victoria University in Wellington and will feature 28 individuals from across the Wellington football community taking part.

More Than A Game Tackles Mental Health In New Zealand

Mental distress reportedly affects approximately 20 per cent of adults and 10 to 20 per cent of young people in New Zealand.

This means that if you are not directly affected yourself, you are likely to have family members or friends impacted by mental health concerns at some point in their life.

More Than A Game seeks to tackle this issue head-on by using sports and physical activity as a vehicle to effect change in the attitudes and support for mental health in the community.

Funds raised through their initiatives provide vulnerable New Zealanders with greater access to the counselling services and support they need to treat these issues.

This month’s Guiness World Record attempt will be live streamed and further details and donation information can be found at https://morethanagame.co.nz/

Grip Star NZ Supports Mental Health Support

It is for these reasons and more that Grip Star NZ is getting right behind More Than A Game in their latest fundraising initiative.

Grip Star NZ Director, Stefan Lausev, said he was delighted to be able to support the cause and help raise much needed support and funds through the world record attempt.

“Grip Star Socks understands that mental health is just as important as physical health and we are grateful for the opportunity to support More Than A Game,” he said.

“I don’t think there are many families or friend groups that have not been impacted by mental health issues at some time.

“I have been involved with football for many years and I know the power it can have bringing people together for important causes.

“We look forward to a great weekend of football and wish More Than A Game and all participants the best as they take on this amazing initiative in our Grip Star high performance socks.”

How Grip Star Socks Will Deliver On The Pitch

With the participants of the event set to test themselves to their limits, it is important they look after their most important asset – their feet.

While Grip Star’s high performance socks are renowned for their unrivalled grip that prevents slippage within shoes to provide improved performance and comfort with every step.

And for the More Than A Game world record attempt, it is Grip Star’s impressive durability that will really come to the fore.

All Grip Star socks are constructed of a unique blend of cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex that high performance and endurance athletes rely on every day.

Coupled with the padded foot and toe, and sweat-wicking mesh upper, Grip Star’s high performance socks will provide protection against blisters and other impact injuries.

It’s just another way you get more with Grip Star Socks.

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