Grip Star Supports Centenarian’s Amazing Charity Skydive

When Grip Star learned that Greg Lee was planning to jump out of a plane for his 100th birthday for charity, the Australian sock company immediately knew it could help him touch down safely.

Skydiving has always been a life long dream for Greg, who hails from Bourke and now lives in the northern reaches of Brisbane, however, the time was never quite right to make the leap – until now.

But Greg’s jump is not simply a matter of ticking off an item on his bucket list. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity to help raise funds for Kidney Health Australia, the nation’s peak body for kidney health awareness and support.

Kidney disease has affected Greg’s family closely over the years, with his beloved and recently departed wife, Iris, who was the beneficiary of a kidney donor that extended her life by 39 years.

So, he decided to repay the support he and his family have received from Kidney Health Australia by using his skydive to raise funds for the body – already surpassing his initial goal of $5000 raised with the donations still rolling in.

Recognising the awesomeness of Greg’s cause, Grip Star Australia quickly moved to help support Greg – donating several pairs of our seriously grippy socks for his jump, in addition to a financial contribution to the fundraising effort.

Greg said he was incredibly grateful for the support from the Australian-owned company, whose high performance grip socks are worn by elite athletes nationally and across the globe.

“I am so grateful to Grip Star for their support of Kidney Health Australia and interest in my cause,” he said.

“These socks will be great for my jump and landing. They really are seriously grippy and very comfortable.”

“I will definitely look to replace my slippers with these after the jump as well.”

Grip Star Director, Joel Mulvenney, said he is delighted to be supporting Greg’s jump and urged other companies to get on board for the worthy cause.

“What Greg is doing is fantastic and we were more than happy to help him out with his fundraising activities,” he explained.

“Our socks are known for their unrivalled grip and will certainly be a big advantage throughout the jump – when pushing out from the plane and then, obviously, providing a strong hold in his shoes when he touches down again.”

“Of course, they aren’t going to do much while he is falling through the sky, but we are more than happy to leave that part up to the experts.”

Greg will make his jump this Friday, 12 March at around 10:30am with photos and videos of the day posted to @gregscause on Facebook.

Grip Star wishes him all the best and will look to continue to support Greg with his future fundraising activities for Kidney Health Australia.

You too can support Greg Lee’s amazing skydive and fundraising for Kidney Health Australia via https://www.tinyurl.com/gregscause 





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