How Grip Star Socks help combat blisters and more

Are blisters and foot discomfort holding back your sports performance? Lucky for you then that Grip Star Socks are designed to help.

Ask any professional athlete and they will tell you that one of their toughest opponents is the discomfort and pain that comes from blisters, toenail damage and other foot injuries.

They will also tell you that a pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure – that treating these issues isn’t as good as fighting them before they become a problem.

That is why Grip Star Socks are built to help tackle these issues to ensure you can always perform at your best.

Read on to discover why Grip Star Socks are a crucial addition to your training, match and recovery routine.

What causes blisters and foot injuries?

When you’re racking up the miles in training and on gameday, it is inevitable that you will put your feet and toes under stress.

Stop-start running and repeated change of directions, combined with foot perspiration, can create a breeding ground for blisters, toenail damage and other issues.

One of the main causes of blisters is a combination of repeated rubbing of the foot within an athlete’s sports shoe, leading to irritation and inflammation of the delicate skin of the foot.

Many athletes experience blisters on their toes, heel, ball and dorsal areas of the foot.

Similarly, toenail damage is a common occurrence for athletes caused by repeated impacts of the toes against the inside front of their sports shoes. Preventing these foot issues can go a long way to increasing your comfort and improving your athletic performance.

Man and woman wearing grip star socks

How Grip Star Socks works to combat foot issues.

This is where Grip Star Socks clever combination of design and materials are beneficial to many athletes.

With over 100 grip panels on each sock, Grip Star Socks prevent your foot from sliding inside your sports shoes, reducing the rubbing that can lead to blisters and the impacts that damage toenails.

Further, Grip Star Socks feature a strategically-positioned, elasticated band across the top of the foot to keep the sock firmly in place.

But not only is your foot held securely within your footwear, Grip Star Socks also feature a thicker, cushioned foot from heel to toe for extra protection and comfort in every step.

Grip Star Socks also feature a meshed upper that helps to wick away perspiration and moisture inside the sock, adding even more protection for your feet.

Whether, it is crew socks, ankle socks or football socks, these features are included across the entire Grip Star Socks range.

Custom design core football crew socks by Grip Star Socks.

Get more tips to prevent foot damage

Grip Star Socks are great for helping to fight blisters and other foot issues in athletes, but make sure you are also covering these basics to keep your feet in tip-top shape.

  • Ensure you are wearing the correct size footwear. Some studies have revealed as many as 50% of people are choosing ill-fitting shoes which can contribute to foot discomfort. Remember that width is just as important as length when it comes to choosing the right sports shoe.
  • Get the right shoes for the job. With so many styles and options out there it is important that you choose the footwear designed for your sport and workload. Major manufacturers produce running shoes, cross-trainers, and a host of sports-specific shoes built for the stresses of different activities.
  • Tie your laces securely. Loose or untied laces mean there is greater potential for foot movement within your shoe. There are also several options for lacing up and tying shoes, such as the runner’s hitch, that will deliver the support and hold you need.
  • Break in your new shoes. While it is tempting to take your brand new pair of kicks straight into the heat of battle, it is worth considering breaking them in first. Wearing new shoes around the house and for short periods initially can help the stiffer, new materials adjust to your foot shape and your foot to adjust to your new shoe.

Grip Star Socks recommends always choosing your sports shoes with the assistance of a professional in a reputable sports footwear store to ensure you get the right size and style for you.

And, one more final tip – be sure to wear your Grip Star Socks when you go to the store to try them on.





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