Introducing Grip Star USA

Grip Star USA is here and North American sport is getting ready for a revolution from the feet up.

The international sports wear brand is bringing their revolutionary performance socks to the world’s biggest and most competitive sports markets, including the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Founded in Australia in 2019, Grip Star socks are designed to improve athletic performance with strategically positioned grip panels on the sole to prevent in-shoe slipping.

Grip Star socks also feature a cutting-edge design and unique blend of materials to deliver comfort and protection from heel to toe so athletes perform at their best no matter the sport.

Grip Star red crew socks
Grip Star performance socks will change the way North America thinks about sports socks.

Why Grip Star performance socks are a game-changer.

Socks were once the most overlooked part of an athlete’s game day and training equipment but not any more thanks to Grip Star.

The grip panels eliminate slippage in all types of sports shoes, delivering greater traction and control to boost athletic speed, acceleration and agility.

The unique blend of cotton, nylon and spandex ensures Grip Star socks stay in place with a comfortable, yet snug, fit.

This all-round, anti-slip design also reduces the friction that causes painful blisters, while additional padding from toe to the heel to protect feet from impact bruising and nail damage.

Combined with a mesh upper on the foot that draws away fungus-causing sweat and combats gym-sock odors common with lower quality socks.

Available in ankle and crew cuts, and with an ever-expanding range of colours, there is a Grip Star performance sock to suit athletes of all abilities, ages and disciplines.

Grip Star USA owner and director Brittany McGuiness is confident North American athletes will embrace sports performance socks.

Brittany McGuiness is the face behind Grip Star USA.

While Grip Star has been helping elite and semi-pro athletes perform across the Pacific and Europe, the Australian brand knew it needed someone special to match their vision for the North American market.

The Virginia-based Brittany McGuiness is the owner and director of Grip Star USA and is now bringing her vast experience in hospitality and real estate to the sports industry.

McGuiness is confident athletes of all levels – professional, semi-pro, collegiate and recreational – will soon discover for themselves the difference Grip Star socks can make.

“The North American sports market is very large and there are many different sports and athletes that can benefit from Grip Star performance socks,” she explained.

“Once our athletes are exposed to something that can truly help them, then it’s going to be a game changer for all of them.

“If you play a sport and wear a shoe, then Grip Star is definitely for you,” she concluded.

How to get the Grip Star performance advantage.

Convinced you need the Grip Star edge to raise your game?

Our full range of ankle socks and crew socks available to athletes of every kind in the Grip Star USA online store.

Interested in custom designs for your team with your logo or name on them? Contact us for pricing and ordering details.





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